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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 762 – Lord Xie’s Reaction notebook minute
“Are you okay… dad?” Xie Xingfang was speechless after seeing Lord Xie’s overstated response.
Lord Xie frowned, and that he changed to consider the other people in the room.
“If my partner have something wrong, I additionally talk about the fault. Consequently, if Su Yang obtained mistreated you, Senior Qian, I’ll reduced my brain and apologize to you if that’s what you need.” Xie Xingfang said in the quiet voice.
“I am sorry to keep it a secret of you, dad. I am with child with Su Yang’s boy or girl, and you’ll certainly be a grandfather soon…”
“Anyhow, the both individuals should abandon what actually transpired in the past right behind. However, if you wish to practice this subject further than essential, I’ll think about you,” Su Yang said to Sect Learn Qian with an overbearing teeth on his experience.
“B-B-B-B-But you’re… You’re a dual cultivator!” One of them spoke inside a stuttering voice.
“Yes… Grandpa has regarded concerning this since very beginning…”
“Yes… Grandpa has recognized over it considering that the very beginning…”
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“Anyways, what would you like from me now, Su Yang? I am just in the center of an essential getting together with if you somehow still haven’t came to the realization at this point.” Lord Xie believed to him a second after.
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“Yes… Grandfather has recognized concerning this considering that the very beginning…”
Lord Xie was perplexed. What on this planet is happening? Which kind of scenario could this be? What does Xing’er lie to him about?
“Anyways, what do you want from me now, Su Yang? I am just in the heart of a crucial meeting in case you somehow still haven’t understood presently.” Lord Xie said to him a second afterwards.
“Heavens! Does my dad be familiar with this?!” Lord Xie then inquired.
“Thanks a lot, Sect Learn Qian.” Xie Xingfang mentioned with a teeth on the facial area.
Lord Xie dropped on his b.u.t.t after falling on nothing, close to striking the dining room table with the back of his go, and he stared at Xie Xingfang’s puffed up stomach in reference to his eyes popping out from its sockets.
People there have been dumbfounded by her sudden overall look. Why managed Xie Xingfang suddenly surface? And she was even in a very weird visual appeal, appearing like she’d just picked up beyond bed furniture and obtained her blankets twisted around her system.
“Hm? It means just as it may sound, Older person Ruan. Su Yang is my associate.” Xie Xingfang responded calmly.
“W-When? The span of time are you presently pregnant? When did it start off?” Lord Xie inquired her in the trembling voice following a very long minute of silence.
“N-No! That wouldn’t be vital, Your Highness! This subordinate would never ask you to lessen your head…” Sect Excel at Qian quickly denied her advice, as which has been similar to courting death even when Xie Xingfang didn’t imagination it.
Sect Learn Qian then transformed to think about Lord Xie and bowed to him, “Your Majesty! This subordinate looks for justice!”
“Then will you forgive Su Yang for his oversight?” Xie Xingfang then continuing.
“Thank you so much, Sect Master Qian.” Xie Xingfang reported by using a smile in her facial area.
“N-No! That wouldn’t be required, Your Highness! This subordinate would not request you to reduce head…” Sect Master Qian quickly declined her advice, as which has been similar to courting death even if Xie Xingfang didn’t head it.
“If my spouse have something wrong, I also reveal the pin the blame on. Thus, if Su Yang possessed mistreated you, Older Qian, I’ll decrease my top of your head and apologize to you if that’s what you look for.” Xie Xingfang claimed within a tranquil sound.
“If you need someone to apologize to you personally, I’ll practice it with their stead, Older person Qian,” One other sound suddenly resounded in the room, resulting in everyone there to view the front door once more.
“Me? I don’t require anything from now, nor am I for you.” Su Yang claimed.
“I am just sorry for keeping it a mystery of you, father. I am just with child with Su Yang’s boy or girl, and you’ll be a grandpa soon…”
“Before we returned out of the Deserted Woodland together with the Crimson Qilin’s blood…” Xie Xingfang explained. “It’s been several months since I’ve been with child.”
As soon as the home was closed up and they were actually all alone, Lord Xie withstood up and went to stand facing them.
Lord Xie came backward with a scared start looking on his experience, looking like he’d just witnessed a ghost.
“Do you find yourself okay… dad?” Xie Xingfang was speechless after finding Lord Xie’s exaggerated response.

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